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An ideal list for offers and much more

Timeshare Owners are proven impulse buyers with higher incomes, making them ideal for any list offer.

Individuals who buy timeshares have an average income of $75,000 or higher, travel 6 times and up per year and are proven to be impulse buyers. These mature consumers have purchased a timeshare after responding to a telemarketing email and/or direct mail offer or are self reported owners.

This is an ideal list for vacation offers, secondary timeshare sales, upscale merchandise, insurance, discount clubs, magazines, credit cards, memberships, financial offers and so much more.

Suggested usage: All consumer offers, travel & airline & hotel offers, subscriptions, insurance, telecommunications, automobile rental, entertainment, investing, real estate, credit cards, online services, catalogs and more.

Have you purchased a truly targeted list? Know that with each phone call you make, there’s a real chance that you’ll pique interest. The old days of going straight through the phone book are over. Norcon has seen to that.

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*(Offer available on qualified lists only)

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